EPAM therapy is focused on solving health problems and their prevention from the point of view of holistic medicine. We try to find the root causes of the disease and strengthen and start the body's own healing abilities. We use a wide range of natural EPAM products and proven procedures. We focus mainly on problems with the musculoskeletal system, weakened immunity, gynecological problems, but also on improving the condition of internal organs and the organism as a whole.


We live Epam

The basis of Epams consists of propolis and 10-20 medicinal plants. These are processed in the raw state. Some Epams contain mumio, ginseng, eleutherococcus, ginseng, echinacea. There is already information in ancient Tibetan medical texts on how to proceed in order to make the most of medicinal plants. And it is the buds and young shoots of medicinal plants that form the backbone of all Epams. Try our tinctures, from which we produce EPAMY and sell them as one-component Tibetan aromatic tinctures. At first glance and taste, you will find a marked difference compared to other tinctures commonly available on our market. Each of our tinctures has its unmistakable taste, aroma, color and strength. Life from nature is hidden in them. Every herb that we use in our EPAM preparations is processed in the most efficient state. So raw and harvested at the right time. "

The story of Epam

Each herb has its harvest time. We currently produce more than 350 types of products. In addition to the already mentioned EPAM, also one-component tinctures from buds, massage oils, balm for sore backs, unique bath salts, clay compresses for inflammatory areas, honey elixirs. All herbs contained in our products are collected at the right time and processed raw. Valerian root, licorice, marshmallow, echinacea in autumn. Buds from pine, spruce, fir, hawthorn, gingo biloba are collected again in early spring. We even have fresh ginseng root, which is part of Epam 20, 21, 23, imported fresh from China every year. We also use 100 percent natural essential oils in our Epam products. The ones we use and sell are of refined quality, without additional fragrances, oils or perfumes. You can also use all our essential oils internally. When we tested them, we found that most of our essential oils were of pharmacological quality. So the maximum achievable quality.

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